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Talented Sports Program

The Hills Sports High School offers a world-class Talented Sports Program (TSP) designed to provide students who excel in particular sports with elite coaching and an academic framework that enables them to reach both their sporting and academic goals.      

The Program aggregates talented young sportsmen and women from Sydney's west and northwest in the one school providing them with:-

  • elite coaching and access to modern sports medicine
  • a Teaching Staff sympathetic to the unique problems of the sporting champion
  • special academic programs to assist them in coping with absences caused by their sporting commitments
  • the opportunity to complete their Secondary Education in the company of peers with similar aspirations, lifestyle and interests

The Talented Sports Program provides students with an opportunity to attain their optimum potential in their chosen sport. It enables them to hone their special talent and obtain a pathway to the Australian Institute of Sport and State, National and Olympic representation.

The School's Curriculum provides students with the maximum opportunity to achieve both their academic and sporting goals. No longer will education have to be sacrificed to ensure sporting success.

The provision of HSC Pathways enables students to balance their education and sporting commitments by completing their HSC over several years. This ensures that students have the option of a back-up career if injury or some other factor places them in the position of no longer being able to earn an income from their chosen sport.

Students participating in a TSP are contracted to maintain satisfactory progress in their academic curriculum. A student found to be unsatisfactory at consecutive academic reviews will be withdrawn from the TSP and placed on an improvement program to assist them in restoring their satisfactory status.

Access to the Talented Sports Program

Students applying for a Talented Sports Program placement must demonstrate elite ability in a particular sport and must satisfy high standards in attitude, work habits and academic achievement.

All students seeking placement in a TSP are required to submit an Application Form (this also applies to local community students). The selection process will include physical and skills testing in their nominated sports in addition to an examination of their school reports.

2016 Bill Turner Cup National Champions

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